Seven Tips for Young, Scrappy Non-Profits Looking to Land Major Gifts

Non-profit fundraising can be a bit of a shark tank, especially for new organizations. Your new non-profit has to rise above a cacophony of other worthy voices asking for funds, including well-established non-profits who may have a bigger megaphone.

Non-profit fundraising

For new non-profits looking to land a major gift, this competition can be daunting, but there are a few ways you can separate yourself from the rest of the pack. These suggestions can help you refine your fledgling organization and make it a lean, mean competitor for major gift funding from well-pocketed donors:

  • Find a friend – See if you can find a friend of your prospective donor to make an introduction for you. This personal connection helps you make a more favorable first impression and can help grease the wheels to make a donation more likely.
  • Make a friend – Don’t just see your prospective donor as a wallet. Cultivate an authentic friendship with this person. It’ll pay off in spades in professional connections for you and other potential donors for your non-profit.
  • Be persistent – Getting to yes takes time. Schedule several meetings and make the occasional follow-up call. Don’t be desperate but don’t give up, either.
  • Stay organized – Big donors tend to shy away from sloppy non-profits. Keep your information well organized with good non-profit cause management software. There are a variety of effective, low-cost options out there for non-profits. Find the fundraising software and other applications that best fit your needs.
  • Find donors who are interested in your cause – Targeting your efforts toward donors who are interested in your cause is a better way to focus your efforts. Harness the power of social media and the internet to narrow down your pool of potential donors. Check to see whether potential donors have expressed any interest in causes similar to yours by donations to other groups or activism.
  • Have a solid case – Be ready to give a detailed, heartfelt presentation concerning your cause. Think hard about the questions prospective donors are likely to ask about your non-profit, its governance, and its goals and past results. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to impress big donors.
  • Make an appropriate ask – Use the research you’ve done and your intuition to ask for an appropriate amount. News articles can help you get a sounding of where a donor’s comfort level for financial giving may lie.

Non-profit cause management

Using the right online technology can be an effective way to leap forward in your efforts to project the professionalism of your organization.  It also enables you to direct appropriate levels of giving and present your message one last time at the point of ask. Process Donation helps non-profit charitable organizations raise more funds by connecting them with technology that makes reaching out to donors and collecting funds easy and inexpensive through its online fundraising and donor management platform. Process Donation caters to small- and mid-sized charitable organizations in need of fundraising and technical support, and it offers very affordable services.

Whether it’s creating donor websites or crowdfunding pages, optimizing the use of social media and peer to peer promotion, or harnessing the power of data, Process Donation can help non-profits better achieve their fundraising goals.

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