Seven Simple Fundraising Tips Every Nonprofit Needs

Fundraising for nonprofits is never an easy task, as convincing people, businesses, and government agencies to open their wallets often takes a silver tongue. Now, more than ever, nonprofits, especially smaller ones, need effective fundraising tools that have been proven to work.

Simple Fundraising Tips

The following tried-and-true fundraising tips can help new nonprofits get off the ground and can help existing nonprofits improve their donations.

  • Be prepared to wait for a yes – Donors to nonprofits, especially major givers, typically don’t make quick decisions. Be willing to invest some time in winning them over. Provide prompt answers to questions, touch base with them regularly, invite them to events, and make social calls.
  • Get connected – Personal connections are everything in the world of nonprofit giving. Find well-connected individuals in your community to join the board and volunteer. Listen to their input, implement their ideas where you can, and encourage them to use their social networks to solicit support for your organization.
  • Get a grant writer – Grants take work and can be a pain, but they’re well worth it if you can obtain multi-year funding from a government agency or private foundation. If you can’t hire or recruit a grant writer, find some classes. Many colleges offer grant writing courses, and there are many great options online.
  • Stay organized – Organization is vital to successful fundraising efforts. You need to keep up-to-date contact information for volunteers to staff your events, donor lists for future efforts, and records for compliance with tax and other regulations. Good fundraising software for nonprofits is indispensable for these purposes.
  • Door to door is worth it – Successful nonprofits are nonprofits that are integral parts of their communities. That’s why the time-consuming effort of soliciting door-to-door cannot be ignored. It gives you the incentive to build your volunteer base, introduces your nonprofit to the neighbors, and makes a more favorable impression than impersonal letters, emails, or phone calls.
  • Get social – Make sure your nonprofit has a social media presence. Social media is replacing many institutions as our primary venue for chatting with friends and neighbors. By establishing a social media presence and getting your supporters to share your postings, you can reach a wider audience of potential donors where they’re at – living their online lives.
  • Keep at it – Make a goal to make one “ask” per week. You’re not going to get all of them. You probably won’t even get half of them. They can lead to valuable leads for other potential donors, and today’s no can always be tomorrow’s yes. It also gives you valuable experience in making asks, providing you with the opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Fundraising for nonprofits

With time and resources being a luxury that most people and especially nonprofits do not have in abundance, it’s important to find the right technology to help automate as many of your efforts as practical.  Process Donation runs an online fundraising and donor management platform that helps non-profit charitable organizations raise more funds by connecting them with technology that makes reaching out to donors and collecting funds easy and inexpensive. Process Donation caters to small and mid-sized charitable organizations in need of fundraising and technical support and offers very affordable services.

Whether it’s creating donor websites or crowdfunding pages, optimizing the use of social media and peer to peer promotion, or harnessing the power of data, Process Donation can help non-profits better achieve their fundraising goals.

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